Sanctuary International Friendship


Sanctuary International Friendship Fund is a program of International Humanities Center, a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

SANCTUARY is dedicated to promoting personal well being and encouraging quality of life and international friendship and reconciliation for all people. An important aspect of personal growth is the ability to join the greater human community by dedicating some of our time and resources to worldwide social concerns.

Recent research has proven that giving of ourselves through acts of kindness increases our feelings of

general happiness. Further, participation in restoration projects contributes to personal healing, especially for those who feel responsible in some way for the misfortunes of others.  To contribute to both personal and global healing, the Sanctuary International Friendship Fund sponsors and funds important humanitarian projects in some of the world’s neediest communities and countries.

African Aids Orphan Project


Through Sanctuary International Friendship Fund Kate Dahlstedt has partnered with Community Hospice and other international relief agencies to provide support for African children dying of AIDS and those orphaned by the African AIDS epidemic. Kate is networking with Tapologo Hospice and South Coast Hospice, both in South Africa, to develop future projects.

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