Greece Journey

Experience the beauty, creativity, and mythology of this timeless land and culture with an expert guide in personal growth and classical studies.

Dr. Edward Tick, psychotherapist, author, and teacher, leads intimate groups of pilgrims on journeys of healing, study, and psychological and spiritual growth and renewal. Each journey is unique and individually designed, taking travelers to some of the most sacred and beautiful sites of ancient Greece.

Ed guides each trip personally. Group size is limited and no two journeys are the same. With over 26 years of experience in psychotherapy and teaching and extensive overseas journey leadership, Ed has the expertise and skills to interact with each participant personally. While teaching about modern and ancient Greek culture, he makes the trip not only a wonderful vacation but also an enriching personal growth and learning experience. Ed has developed friendships with many Greek people who welcome each group and graciously share their homeland, its history and culture adding a unique depth and richness to each journey experience.

Each journey encourages and supports participants to look at themselves and their life issues as they explore ancient Greek myths and stories, gods and goddesses, and all that they represent to us today. We travel to both well-known and remote islands and villages to visit sacred sites and study and participate in ancient healing practices, rituals and ceremonies. We hold ongoing growth groups to help participants integrate and share their experiences.

SANCTUARY JOURNEYS TO GREECE offers the best of cultural tourism in a highly personal and affordable manner. We generally travel off-season to avoid tourist crowds and keep the trips reasonably priced.

Participants will be drenched in beauty and wisdom and surrounded by friendship while experiencing lessons that can be life-transforming.

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