What types of personalities are there?

What types of personalities are there

Typing people is a very complex process. What should the classification be based on? Why would you classify one as a provider and not a champion for example? For as long as humans have existed, this has remained a much contested topic. The Myers and Briggs classification is one of the oldest classifications and is regarded as a rather accurate way of classifying humans. Here are the 16 different types of people the theory comes up with. The personalities are represented by 4-letter codes.

ESTP – are active, playful and full of life with a great sense of humor. They adapt quickly to new environments and easily fit in social groupings.

ESFP – are energetic, charming and keen to engage people around them. They are humorous, playful and simple enjoy having a good time. If anything, they best learn by trying out new things!

ENFP – creators who love to help others. They are always full of new ideas and never fear to make known their views. Most ENTP personalities are lovers of art because art expresses ideas.

ENTP – these personalities are drawn towards finding solutions to intellectual problems. They enjoy outwitting others, are rarely judgmental but show little patience for those who cannot cope.

ESTJ – very methodological and rule abiding, they enjoy working within existing structures. To them, things should work in a preset, fixed order.

ESFJ – these are harmonizers, persons who love to have peace around them. They are always ready to help others if that meant bringing peace to their environments.

ENFJ – see abilities in others and are passionate about whatever they feel is possible. Typically they also have the charisma to persuade people around them to their ideas.

ENTJ – are typical leaders who enjoy rallying others. They reason logically and are both articulate and quick to take to take charge of situations.

ISTJ – these are the quite type, independent and thorough in everything they do, people who earn success through hard work. They are practical and both responsible and realistic.

ISFJ – these are organized individuals both tidy and orderly. They love to follow regulations and rely on their procedure to achieve their success. They are usually loyal and very friendly.

INFJ – are people who strive to help others realize their dreams. They are keen to lean what motivates others especially regarding relationships and material wealth.

INTJ – these are problem solvers, people who are always eager to innovate solutions for processes and systems. They are usually blessed with the talent to see where improvements can be made.

ISTP – are people who are always silent until there is a problem when quickly they come out with great ideas. They enjoy solving problems using principals and greatly value efficiency.

ISFP- when people are almost satisfied with what life has to offer, they fall into this category. These people take it easy, are hard to know and hardly force their opinions on others.

INFP – call them individualistic and nonjudgmental with the call to improve both themselves and others.

INTP – people who are keen to know the driving force behind everything they come across. While others find it satisfying to live a simple life, INTJ personalities thrive on the complex side of life.


Travelling To a Spiritual Bliss

Spiritual Bliss

Can you experience spiritual growth trough travel ? Yes, at times the spirit needs a change of scenery or exposure to uplift itself. Traveling is one of the great things that can uplift the spirit. Once you step out of your gloom hole, see the world as it is in its beautiful nature, your creative juices flow and exuberance fills your soul. By traveling you create room and the pace for the recovery and positive transformation of your spirit. Just like the saying by Marcel Proust, the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes.

The spirit defines our moods and perception on life in our day to day on goings. Sharing with the world and appreciating nature gets you into a world of bliss, where you feel free to roam spiritually. This breaks the limits and gives you a reason to smile. Learn to socialize and experience spiritual comfort.

Time and the spirit are related. When you are on the lows, time goes slow. You’ll find that you seem to dwell in motionless state. Traveling exposes you to great foods, languages, music, aromas, air and people. All these give you a challenge. They make you question your own being and you’ll end up feeling obliged to know more and be happy just as the people around you. By doing this, you will find time moving at a greater pace than you anticipated.

When you take a tour and travel anywhere without being choosy, be it to Paris, the park in your neighborhood or even in Afghanistan, you will get this same feeling. Most people will say Afghanistan is not a place to elevate your spirit but others might beg to differ. The sufferings that people go through today help us appreciate our comfort and we end up improving the state of our spirit.

Freedom also does bring comfort to the spirit. Getting away from your daily hustles and the bustles of the workplace gives you a sense of freedom. This lightens your spirit and you feel like you would fly if only you had wings. All you have to do is fuel your car, board a bus or even an aircraft and travel to a destination far from your daily life to collude with the peace Mother Nature has to offer.

Travel is so essential in the spiritual uplift because it enables you to get out of the limitations and the rules that govern the local life you experience back at your place. Self-awareness is greatly influenced by the choice of occasionally letting go and rewarding your body and soul with a couple of days off.

Moreover, with each travel, you are bound to become liberal minded, acquire new experiences and skills that might as well come in handy a couple of times throughout your life. You’ll find that you become a better person with a better soul and personality whenever you are back from a spiritual uplift oriented travel.

Through traveling, especially to some peaceful, natural and exotic environs, you are also bound to experience meditations which are a very effective way of soothing your soul and giving you life meaning and purpose hence answering your ” can you have a spiritual growth trough travel ?”

This is because traveling is simply the spanner that tunes your spirit in the right direction.…

What You should do to Make Your Soul stronger.

Make Your Soul stronger.



The challenge these days is to, when times are not favorable for spiritual growth, is to know how to nature, feed, restore and make your soul strong. This is because we live in a culture which exceedingly inclines toward materialism, commercialism, and secularism, all of which make it hard to keep the soul


So, what should you do to make your soul stronger?


Never pose yourself as a victim. For you to be a winner, never say to yourself that you are being or have been victimized. You will only become a victim if you accept to be a victim. Face the reality, and see the truth, and get to the root cause of the negative feeling of being exploited or perceiving yourself as an inferior or weaker person. You cannot be perfect in the eyes of everyone, so set your own limits.


If you are lacking in some qualities, work on the same. This way you will make yours soul stronger and better. Have confidence in yourself and never say that you are a victim of your own doubts and fears. If you continually to say so, you are actually loading excess burden on your mind and soul. On the contrary, when you are in control of your mind, and you successfully eliminate fears, you will be proud of yourself and other people will respect you.


Ways to make your soul stronger


1. Identify blessings


Most often, we go through life unconscious of the good in our lives. Try this spiritual practice for about seven days: at the end of the first day, pinpoint a blessing that came to you, say, from a family member. At the end of the second day, identify a blessing from a neighbor. Then, blessings from a friend, a work colleague, and a stranger in that order. Finally, on the seventh day, identify a blessing from an “enemy”.

2. Use your freedom of choice

Regardless of what happens to you, you the power to choose. Choose joy over despair; love over hate; forgiveness over revenge; and strength (of soul) over weakness. Remember that a disaster can either evoke the worst in us or the best in us. The choice is yours.


Role of the brain


The mind is the key, not the mind. To make your soul stronger, work that muscle. Fortunately, you need not suffer to make it stronger. Ask yourself who you really are and understand what your soul mission is, and then work at it. Add all the elements-the mind, body and heart-which give your soul its base to work often.




Your heart is the power you will output. If you have a good heart your will be great, and while it is rare to have a pure heart, it is the most powerful energy. Your mind is actually the control; it will always tell you heart what you have to do, but only if you listen. Your body is the element that executes the action that will either destroy or build your soul energy. These three forms the soul’s essence and power.…